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Tadpoles Diet

The digestive system of tadpoles consists of long coiled intestines which thrive best on plants, tadpoles love food full of proteins, eatables that are protein based make excellent tadpole food, and in fact they never give up an opportunity of feasting on green herbs, plants and weeds. It is best to choose the easily and widely available green lettuce leaves or spinach to feed the tadpoles, boiling and chopping the green leaves into tiny bits is strongly recommended since it makes the leaf easy to bite and digest by the little amphibian, lettuce however is not to be served hot, one must freeze it to cool it before throwing it to the tadpoles. Using  only frozen green leaves is another option, freezing does require less effort, one only needs to place them in the refrigerator, and then use them whenever needs be. If it’s possible, opting for organic lettuce is the best selection of tadpole food ever for the tiny pets.


Tadpoles in natural waters feed on micro plants that grown on the seabed, and algae, but one should only resort to feeding that if there is nofoods keep tadpoles healthy drain water mixed with the source of water where one gets the algae from; drain water contains chemicals that may prove to be hazardous to the well-being of the infants. It is strongly recommended not to use algae coming from unreliable sources and celery leaves as tadpole food.

Protein is required twice during the tadpole’s life cycle, it is required initially whilst its hatching, the tadpole feeds on its own yolk sack; and then again when a tadpole forms his back legs, it needs protein to develop, at this particular stage. The protein should be provided to the tadpole several times a week, but prior to the development of his legs, a baby frog, is to be supplied with protein only once or twice a week. Egg yolks are high in protein, therefore, feeding it with cooked yolks or tendered chicken bones made at home makes a healthy tadpole food supplement, however these foods make the water misty and it will need to be cleaned immediately. Besides home-made food high in proteins, one can also purchase protein tablets and protein based food formula which is high in algae to feed their tadpoles. One should get to know the right kinds of proteins to feed his pets.

Diets of different foods

Tadpoles have to be fed small amounts of foods at regular intervals; normally a small quantity fed is all eaten up within eight hours. One should feed the tadpole three times a day instead of putting in all the tadpole food at one time, to save time. The attempt to save time will only lead to the water into becoming murky and then cleaning it will only consume more time and effort. The baby frog’s life cycle at its initial stage is all about eating, hence its water tank should never, not have any food.

Providing the little ones with the right quantity of tadpole food is an absolute necessity, if too much of it is given, it will only make the water tank dirty and if the quantity of food proves to be insufficient then the tadpoles will start to disappear from the tanks, that’s because the strong ones would fill their tummies on the little ones. Both these situations have to be avoided, therefore determining the right quantity is simply indispensable when it comes to rearing tadpoles.

The types of different tadpoles

There are two types of tadpoles, one that are vegetarian are herbivorous, and others that feed on their own species are cannibalistic and different types of tadpolescarnivorous. Tadpoles eat various types of foods besides lettuce, algae and protein based items, they thrive on fish flakes, fish pellets, baby food, weeds, whole wheat bread, carrots, and fruits but not citrus fruits. Bread is said to serve as tadpole food high in nutritional value, pet owners who feed them bread find their pets to have a strong growth, and most of them claim to have well developed and healthy tadpoles, which seem to love the feed because nothing is left wasted by the end of the day.

Tadpole food is also available at the supermarkets and at pet stores, there are quite a few brands available; one should study the contents of each feed, do a little research on the Internet, read about other people’s experiences, and look for recommendations before selecting a brand.

Tips for healthy living tadpoles

Here’s a tip for busy pet owners, put several pieces of lettuce together, boil them for five to ten minutes, chop them into tiny pieces, and put them into bags before you freeze them, serve the frog lets a small helping of home-made tadpole food from the bag every time you need to do so. Manytips people only have to repeat the process once or twice or thrice before their tadpoles turn into frogs; it is easy convenient and time saving.

All frogs unlike tadpoles are not herbivorous or vegetarian, they feed on insects, larvae, and other small animals in the water, hope all your tadpoles turn into health amphibians which croak out loud, with the right sort of tadpole food that you feed them.

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