What Do Tadpoles Eat

Learn About Tadpoles and What They Eat.

The name “tadpole” comes from the English word tad for a “toad,” and poll for “head.”  In general, a tadpole is a young frog developing in its larval stage that lives in water. Tadpoles like to eat small insects and meal worms, states a high school biology text chapter about amphibians and reptiles. In addition, the text book also states that hungry tadpoles like to eat each other.

There is a sure sign that your tadpoles are hungry is when your tadpoles begin to disappear. Thus, the guidance — when asked what do tadpoles eat — is to feed these future frogs such things as lettuce and boiled spinach.

Tadpoles are viewed as very little creatures that need lots and lots of care if they are to develop into frogs.  The guidance from one tadpole owner online is to make sure to keep your tadpole tank filled with lots of clean water. This tadpole expert also noted how tadpoles can dirty a tank of water in just a day or two. The expert was also asked “what do tadpoles eat?” Tapoles love to eat lots of small bugs and different green veggies. Thus, having clean water is a must for raising tadpoles since health problems can develop in these wee frogs if their water tank remains dirty for long periods of time.

What do tadpoles eat?

People who enjoy raising tadpoles say one of the most difficult and time consuming jobs is to sort out the little frogs diet each and every day.  One tadpole fan commenting online even said “you can’t go a day without feeding your tadpoles if you want them healthy.” At the same time, this tadpole expert said a sure sign that you’re over feeding these little creatures is when the water tank starts getting dirty from extra food that’s not being eaten by the tadpoles.

Also, if you decided to feed your tadpoles lettuce — that’s viewed as a tadpole favorite — than be sure to boil the lettuce leaves for 10 to 20 minutes.  The goal is to soften the lettuce leaves, and then chop the leaves up to very fine parts, so the wee tadpole mouths and digestive system can handle this food. Moreover, a college biology textbook on care of amphibians and reptiles — for research purposes — states that feeding a tadpole anything that’s too large means the little frogs won’t even take a bite and then face starvation if other food is not offered in the holding tank.

Frog tadpoles viewed as fun pets

Frog tadpoles are viewed as great pets for young children because these wee creatures offer more interaction than say goldfish. For instance, one parent commented online that she decided to get her elementary school age children a tank with tadpoles over gold fish because she wanted them to learn more about science by caring for tadpoles. The parent then joked — when asked what do tadpoles eat. — by saying “they eat just about everything.” In turn, other pet owners have commented online about the thrill of raising tadpoles.  One tadpole fan said it’s easy and cheap to raise them, but the real kick is seeing them turn into frogs “almost right before your eyes.” Moreover, many parents and biology teachers view tadpoles as a perfect pet for young students because raising tadpoles is not just fun, but educational as well.

Raising a tadpole at home

In addition to what do tadpoles eat, it’s important to have a proper container for raising them because soon they will grow into frogs. For instance, most pet shops sell various sized fishbowls, fish tanks or aquariums to those customers wanting to raise tadpoles.

However, most kids who decide to raise tadpoles use such things as a plastic bucket or a wading pool.  In general, most garden fans like to keep their tadpoles in a garden pond that serves as a sort of incubator for these future frogs. Also, if the choice is a plastic bucket or a wading pool, experts say to change the tap water you’re using at least once a week. At the same time, most tap water contains chlorine that may not be removed by sunlight evaporation.  Thus, the guidance today for raising these little frogs is to use de-chlorinated water or add de-chlorinating drops to the water.  Pet shops sell de-chlorinating drops for people who raise tadpoles and other water creatures.

Overall, most pet fans say that tadpoles are a fun and interesting pet for young people and tadpoles eatstudents who want to know more about biology and the world of amphibians. For instance, one student presented a life-cycle exhibit at a recent elementary science fair with images of toads and fish to show that both frogs and fish breathe through gills. The student also noted how she loves her little tadpoles because they’re both fun and interesting.  The student also noted how she can’t wait until her little tadpoles become frogs.

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